Are You Over-Editing Your Work?

Hello Poetteers,

How to know you’re over-editing

Something we all worry about is over-editing. It’s bound to happen. Over-editing is when your work is no longer moving forward. It happens when you doubt it's not good enough and are attached to what readers think. You will know when the emotion in the poems are lost and you're not excited anymore. The poems sound the same & you feel tired with the poems. There are no questions left to ask. You're focused on the same section and tiny details. You can't finish because it's hard to let go. 

How to tackle it when it happens

Remind yourself that you're writing for yourself. Hopefully you are saving each draft. Don’t be afraid to go back to an older version of the poems.

How to prevent it

Set deadlines. Take breaks in between each round and use a checklist. Send it to beta readers and an editor.  Are you looking for a poetry editor? Check out my services and snag a spot! 

Stay inspired,