About Draft 2 Digital Publishing

Hello Poetteers, 

Going wide can be overwhelming. Finding a good distributor can help lessen the stress. I started using Draft2Digital to reach ebook retailers unavailable through Smashwords. Like Smashwords and Amazon, it’s free and easy to use.

I enjoy using D2D for its features. The interface is easier to use while Smashwords needs an updated facelift. You can schedule sales ahead of time on D2D while on Smashwords you need to set the sale on the same day. On Amazon, you can’t place your book for sale or free unless you exclusively publish with them. Smashwords sales use coupon codes that buyers will have to remember. A benefit from that is you can have a private or public sale.

Smashwords can be nit-picky about your book format. If it fails the review, your book won’t be available on the Premium Catalog.

D2D helps with table of contents and adding in end matter. It allows you to add a design style. It’s accessible to download MOBI and EPUB. You can pick which retailers you want your book at or remove your books from specific retailers. Smashwords is limited on their payment methods while D2D has various payment options.

On the D2D dashboard it lists all the retailers with a dates of availability and clickable links directly to your book. While on Smashwords that isn’t available and you have to search yourself which retailers your books are on and guess when it’ll be available. Lastly on D2D you can get a universal book link.

Which platform would you use?

Part 1: is Amazon publishing worth it?

Stay inspired,