Behind the Poem - The Garden

The Garden

Through the window
I see the morning dew 

I feel your sunlight 
the wind chimes and birds chirp 
buds fill the branches 

The morning spring light 
nourishes the blossoming - 
flowers and my soul 

The breeze brings 
the first fragrance 
of freshly bloomed flowers 
bringing vibrant colors to the earth 

watching clouds float and shape-shift 
perfect for bare feet and day dreams 

I sit in silence, unmoved 
two little birds were chirping loudly 
playing in our garden 
chirping to their friends 
I hear their wings flutter
and dance in the bird bath 

the flowers you water pray for you 
the birds you feed pray for you.

Behind the Poem

The poem wasn’t written in one sitting. It started as three haikus in response to some April prompts. In June I wrote a garden poem. I noticed one stanza had the same line as one of the haikus:

"Enjoy the little joys 
the breeze brings wind chimes and birdsong 
watching clouds float and shapeshift
perfect for bare feet and day dreams."

I edited out the above lines to remove redundancy. All the pieces had similar themes of spring and the garden that I combined it together for one longer piece.

stay inspired,