How to Write A Balanced Poem

Hello Poetteers,

Before you even write balance life and poetry. I leave writing for when it doesn’t take me away from an experience. I know I feel ready to write when I’ve accepted the situation that I’m writing about, the lesson is learned and there is positivity.

I love a poem that shows the whole story. I want to see a piece have a balance of both sides. For example:
  • if you share something dark, add something light.
  • if it's negative, add positivity.
  • if you're searching for something, share it being found. 
The format matters too. Break up run on sentences to fit the format and remain consistent with the rest of the poem. It can look too heavy or too small compared to the rest of the piece. Also, remain consistent with the poetic devices you used. 

Don't be afraid to question your poetry to pull out what's necessary for it. How do you know you've written a well balanced poem?

stay inspired,