Affirmations for Editing

Hello Poetteers,

Positive affirmations help you believe in your goals and propels you towards action. 

Affirmations for Editing
  1. My writing is strengthened by editing notes from others.
  2. I can visualize the improvement editing makes on my poetry. 
  3. I trust in the editing process.
  4. I will take my time with my poetry.
  5. It's good to write slowly.
  6. I will carefully look over my poetry.
Action Items
  1. Reach out to beta readers and sensitivity readers
  2. Hire an editor. Both can offer an outside perspective. 
  3. Notice if critiques highlight similar issues. Keep it in mind for future editing.
  4. Take breaks between writing and editing. Also have breaks between each editing round. Doing so will help you look at your work from a clear headspace. 
  5. Read it aloud, read it backwards. Ask your poetry questions. Don’t rush/force writing specific stanzas.
You don't want to over edit. Be vocal about the voice you want to portray in your work. 

Stay inspired,

I'm a poetry editor. Interested? Message me when your poetry (book) is ready to be edited.