Poetry Book Cover Trends

Hello Poetteers,
I've noticed some repetitive elements on the covers of some of our favorite poetry books. This is one trend to look for when publishing your own poetry book. 
  • Black 
  • White 
  • Minimal 
  • Floral (or nature)
It's a combination of those elements. My shelf is filled with poetry books with a black or white cover. The focus is on the text and a minimal photo of some sort, for example: flower, animal, fruit or geometric shape. Sometimes a majority of the cover is covered in floral or a natural landscape. Most recently, I noticed several white covers with a pop of color (pinks or blues) in the middle.

What have you noticed about your favorite poetry book covers? 

Stay inspired, 

P.S. An underrated cover design is using a solid bright color with a minimal silhouette. 

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