Finding Courage in Sharing Poetry

Hello Poetteers,

I started writing poetry on spring 2008 and a few months later I started sharing them on a blog. I found my courage early on. Sometimes it staggers but it continues to grow.

Define your why: what’s your purpose for sharing your poetry? Remind yourself of it when you question yourself. Know that it can evolve esp with your life experiences.

Mine started as a way to express my love for nature and faith. Afterwards it changed to express my emotions and now my purpose is to spread mental health and cultural awareness.

Practice: Find your voice. Know that it’ll start of decent and continue to improve. Done is better than perfect. Read a lot of poetry to get a feel of the genre. When writing your own pause on the reading to not let it subconsciously affect your voice.

Trust readers: get your trustworthy and honest friends to read and give you feedback. As you get compliments from friends and strangers keep a positivity file. Read them when you start doubting yourself.

Push your comfort zone: as you get comfortable with your poetry experiment with new poetic formats and literary devices. Write more vulnerably.

Push yourself into new spaces to share it. Go from sharing it on a blog to submitting it to literary journals. Later, move on to publishing a book. If you’ve been writing poetry, try performance poetry.

How did you find your courage?

Stay inspired,

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