How to Write A Poem

Hello Poetteers,

Sometimes we get stuck on an idea or want to experiment with our poetry. Prompts and poetic forms are a great way to get started.

Pick a prompt
  1. word or phrase
  2. Jot down any thoughts
  3. Word association exercise 
  4. Answer guided questions 
  5. Highlight your favorite responses 
Pick a poetic form
  1. Rearrange your responses to fit into the formula 
  2. Use a syllable counter 
  3. Search the dictionary and thesaurus 
  4. If you don’t like how it sounds or if it feels incomplete, finish the piece in free verse

I’m ready to wake up
and embrace the day,
I’ll prepare myself a teacup,
I’m ready to wake up,
aware of the sounds of this moment,
feeling the sun's rays,
I’m ready to wake up
and embrace the day.

Stay inspired,