Her Durian Book Announcement

Hello Poetteers,

In the beginning of the year I announced I would be publishing Her Durian in the fall. The day has come! I’ll be publishing it on November 5th 2019!

The Blurb

Her Durian is about Islaih’s travels to Malaysia. The poems will make your mouth water with the different foods, fruits and dessert. It covers everything from family and growing up in a multicultural home. Add it on Goodreads

Sneak Peek

It feels like I’m missing something 
is this what being homesick feels like? 
it feels like my life back home is on pause 
despite it, 
I’m grateful for my experience in Malaysia 
it’s starting to feel like another home.

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I’m taking preorders for signed copies of my upcoming poetry book, Her Durian, for $15. Message me if you’re interested. Your purchase will help fund the book cover.

Stay inspired,