Questions for Editing

Hello Poetteers,
While writing or editing a poem there are specific questions you should ask yourself. 
Struggling with POV
  • Who are you writing about?
  • Who are you writing this for?
Struggling with Verb Tenses
  • When did the specific situation happen?
Struggling with the story
  • What was happening?
  • What caused it to happen?
  • What did your surroundings look like?
  • What were you feeling about the specific situation?
  • What message do you want to emphasize?
Lastly: Read the poem aloud. I always tell you to ask your poem “what” but you should also ask your poem “why”. You can see this play out in depth when you work with me.

Are you struggling with your poetry? I have spots open for editing clients. Message me to get started.

Stay inspired,