2019 Poetry Books Reveal

Hello Poetteers,
When I first got into poetry I wrote about my cultural experiences but as I moved forward in my poetry journey I explored different themes. It feels good to come back.
As I was working on this collection there was a lot of self doubt. I worry that I may be wrong or that I’m not worthy of sharing such pieces. I worry about being controversial and over stepping boundaries.
I love all your guesses:
  • Growing Soul
  • Thriving Soul
  • Nourishing Soul
  • Colorful Soul
The alternative title I was thinking of was ‘Rooted Soul’. But the more I thought of it I came up with a title that better fit the collection. Roots is about building a community, home and foundation while rise is about learning and growing from that foundation.
From an identity crisis and being naive about my beliefs, this collection is about growing up in a multicultural and Muslim home, accepting my identity and understanding the depth of my faith. 
That title is ‘Rising Soul’. This will most likely be the last installment of the ‘Sit With Your Heart’ series. You can now add the book on goodreads.
P.S. This isn’t the only collection I’m publishing this year. Later in the year I will be releasing a collection about my adventures in Malaysia titled ‘Her Durian’. Also, add the book on goodreads.
Stay inspired,