Challenge Your Poetry

Hi Poetteers,
We love writing our free verse poetry but at times we get too comfortable and maybe even stagnant. To get ourselves out of that, we have to challenge our poetry. Here’s a few ways ti do that:
  • Try a new poetry form. For example: haiku, epigram, and cinquain.
  • Try a new poetic device you never used before. For example: alliteration, juxtaposition, or imagery.
  • Use a unique writing prompt. For example: check out my book, Journey to Healing.
  • Write a poem on a topic you never covered before. For example: look at older poems, maybe you never written poems about your body or about something spooky. Once you figure out what it is, write it. It’s okay if it’s bad and you don’t like it. At least you tried. It’s about challenging you voice and looking for your voice.
  • Write a poem opposite from what you usually write. For example: if you write light poems, write a dark poem.
  • Set a word or time limit. For example: write a poem in 5 mins or write a poem in 50 words.
I hope that helps!
Stay inspired,