Reveal of April Poetry Challenge

Hello Poetteers,

As you know the A to Z blog challenge is coming up. April is also national poetry month. Of course, I found a way to combine the two events. Three years ago I wrote original poetry. This year I will be writing poetry prompts. Along with this, I'll be participating in the 100-day project. My project will be sketching my poetry. Follow along in #100daysofsketchedpoems.
List of word prompts. For in-depth prompts, check out the April Poetry Bundle

I won't be blogging every day like the challenge calls for. I will be keeping to my regular schedule of blogging once a week. That won't take away from the content or value of the challenge. You will be able to find all the poetry prompts in the April Poetry Bundle.

Talking about the April prompts, this time last year I started #dailypoetrygram. I'm changing it up. I asked you if you wanted daily or weekly prompts and the chosen one was weekly prompts. Stay tuned next month for the change.

Thank you,