Poetry Prompt: Compliment Your Body

Hello Poetteers,

I have another body part poetry prompt for you. You can check out part one and part two here.

Questions to ask yourself:

What was a friend’s compliment you remember?

What body part was it of?

Do you like or dislike that body part?

How did the compliment make you feel?

If you disliked, how will you start to love it?

Answer these questions and keep your favorite responses. With those responses make it into a poem. Share it using #dailypoetrygram.


They love my smile
see me always smile
through the unsaid struggles
and the tears that couldn't stop from falling

I love my smile
hearing them say that
it grows bigger

but underneath it
my smile is crooked
the overbite gets in the way
still trying to accept it's a part of me.

stay inspired,