Phrases Sound Out of Place

Hello Poetteers,

Reading is important for editing your poem. There has been several times in writing poetry where I read it several times and each time I didn't see the mistake. One time I wanted a friend to read a poem of mine just because I thought it was good. They noticed the mistake. If I didn't ask it would be an embarrassment if I published it.

Reading your poem aloud also helps you see the flow and structure of the poem. You able to tell what words you skip, where you pause, where phrases sound out of place.

You can't get away from the mistakes. Sometimes even a second set of eyes can miss it. I've noticed errors in my published work. We can work together to have none of that or at least lessen the errors. We know when we write we focus more on getting out the story. Having an outside and second option is needed.

I'm available to help edit your work. Message me with your poem! Also get a pricing package + free editing checklist when you sign up for my Poetteers List.