Prose Poetry: Reader-Poet

Hello Poetteers,

A Poet in a Reader 

You see her sit there with a book in her hand. She smiles and you see her shoulders shake with laughter. Minutes later you see her teary-eyed. She tries to hide herself from other people behind the book. You see she takes a part of her headscarf to catch and wipe away the tears. Every once in and while she pulls out a journal from her bag and jots down a few some things.

If you look in her journal you will find words, snippets of phrases and sentences from songs and books she read that sparked inspiration in her. 

Later she will run with that inspiration.  But that later may never come.  Perhaps she will forget.

She may remember it inspired her but not how and why. You would look into her journal of snippets and never find poems that should and one day would follow. 

She doesn’t know where to begin. She just lets go of thinking and writes. Later when she reads what she has written, she finds on the page, words from her own heart.

Love, Fida

P.S. Tomorrow is my 2nd author anniversary!