End of Year Goals

Hello Poetteers,

Thank you Ava for getting me to think about the end of the year and my goals! Check out her end of the year goals.

Publish the book!
I've been slowly doing the process throughout the year. It will finally be released on Thursday!

See success in merch store
I recently opened a merch store and have new/more ideas for it but I have to see it go somewhere, mostly up, do to more.

Start a new project
I got a new story idea brewing but I haven't written for a novel in a long while. Hopefully NaNoWriMo helps!

Finish my GR reading challenge
My goal is 60 books but I'm six books behind. I hope I'll be able to accomplish it with my weekly trips to the bookstore.

I have a couple more personal goals too. Yet I won't be sharing those. What are your goals for the end of the year, before the year ends?

Thank you,



Misha Gerrick said…
I have multiple goals (and update on my progress monthly as part of my bloghop), so I always love reading how people are progressing. :-)
Fida Islaih said…
That's awesome! Thank you!