What's up Wednesday: Books!

Hello readers,

I finally read The Kite Runner! The descriptions and writing was beautiful.

I love how the title
means something in the story
shares a moment
a memory
the kite runner
you should see it
in mornings in Jenin.
I may have shed some tears
But I didn't cry
reading either one of their stories
I was sad and shocked
But I grew up
knowing the truth
knowing their stories
while others didn't
it is my burden and my duty
to know them.

What I'm Writing:

The short story idea is on hold. I got a new idea for a new story on the theme of hijab. I'm excited! I'm already at 2k. My goal is to have 10k by the end of this week.

What Else:

A month from today, Her Olives will have been published for a year!

Love and thank you, Fida


Best of luck with your new story, I hope you reach 10k!
Simply Sarah said…
I hope that you have a great writing week!
Crystal Collier said…
I hate reading stories that make me cry. Really. And I'm such a hormonal wreck right now, but I still want to read The Kite Runner. I'm going to have to check out that other one too...

Almost a year? That's amazingsauce. Way to go!
Good luck with your short stories and writing! I'm glad you liked The Kite Runner - I haven't read that one yet, but I did find a copy last month, and now I'm eager to start reading it. Just to find the time...

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Jaime Morrow said…
Good luck with your new story idea, Fida! :D
Erin L. Funk said…
I like how you described your eyes in the poem. Very nice! Good luck working on your new story! :)
Miss Cole said…
Don't you love it when inspiration strikes like that? Good luck hitting 10k!
smile4niki said…
Good luck with your shiny new idea!
Alison Miller said…
Good luck with the new writing venture! Have a great week!
Melanie Crouse said…
I haven't read The Kite Runner, but I loved A Thousand Splendid Suns with all my heart, and I love what you said about it. I hope you have a great week and that you hit that 10k easily!
E.Maree said…
Good luck hitting 10k! You can do it! :D