What's Up Wednesday #2

Hello Poetteers,

What I'm Reading?

I finished reading STOLEN. Instead of giving a page or less for the kidnapping scene, this story took it's time. I love the descriptions of the land and the things he did. How I noticed his love for the land. I just like that it's a letter.

Like I said I love the descriptions, but it's a little too much and not enough action. Maybe this would be better as poems. I don't know. I read like 40% of it before taking a pause from it. I reluctantly and slowly finished it. I still would give it three stars.

I also finished PART TIME INDIAN. I love it's constant reminder of poetry. I loved learning about his story. Being in it. I loved that it had to do with a disabled kid, but didn't focus on that part of him. I give it 4.5 stars.

I'm in the middle of reading PEACHES FOR MONSIEUR LE CURE.

What I'm Writing?

I'm slowly still working on that traveling/nature girl story along with some short stories.

What Inspires Me Right Now?

My dreams, nightmares, newfound love of old songs and the book I'm reading.

What Else I've Been Up To?

Still my upcoming poetry collection. It's coming together very well. The cover reveal was last week and the book comes out in a month. I'm planning a two week blog tour for it.

thank you and love, Fida


Simply Sarah said…
I love the sound of a travel/nature girl story!
Colin Smith said…
All the best with your writing this week, Fida! :)
Jaime Morrow said…
"My dreams, nightmares, newfound love of old songs and the book I'm reading." These are all wonderful things to be inspired by. Have a wonderful week, Fida!
prerna pickett said…
I've read a lot of things about Stolen and it has be genuinely curious, seems to be one of those books you either love or hate. A poetry collection, how exciting! You must share your cover on here!
Unknown said…
I LOVE Part-time Indian! It's easily one of my all time favorites.

I hope you have a great week!
Miss Cole said…
Sounds like you've got a great idea on the go ^_^

I love it when you hear an old song for the first time in a while and remember why you love it all over again.

Have a wonderful week!
Angel Leigh said…
Good luck with your writing this week. Have a good week.