Monday Blessings #20

Hello readers,

Happy new year!! What a better way to start it than my counting your blessings?!

Seeing old friends and making new friends. Spending the last moments of 2013 with them and the first moments of 2014 with them.

It may be my third camp, but it had lots of firsts. First winter camp. First time counselor. First time reading my poem in front of an audience. A first glance to a higher level I have in me. Seeing that I can be stronger, more open. The poem I chose to read really goes with the mood.

The miracle that we had flurries during camp, but the big snowstorm held up until we all got home.

Being in a Lindt store. Getting a cheetah print scarf. Midnight chats. Pictures. Videos. Cat cuddles. Physical copies of my book. Knowing all the support, old and new. Signing them for friends. Patience I have with pain.

All the snacks. All the love. Here's to 2014 and many more adventures.

Love and thank you, Fida


Haneen Ibrahim said…
Wow!some fun you had there :) well I hope you enjoy more and more success and wonderful first times this year too.
Saba said…
Insha Allah I pray you have a successful year! :)