OctPoWriMo Day 12-18

Hello readers, 

This week I managed to write two poems. I hope you enjoy! 

Day 14

Silence is prayer
focusing on talking
and listening to God
not thinking of what to do later

Silence is yoga
focusing on moving
and deep breathing
letting thoughts only move out
to oblivion or your notebook

Silence is other things
like driving, laying in nature,
being happy.

Day 16

Moving away, traveling 
living new
going home, coming home
bringing back the past
remembering the guy I liked
and all the dreams I had
wondering what could be
knowing now I should go after
everything I think I want 
knowing to not just pray
but showing I care to try. 

Thanks & Love, 


Simply Sarah said…
They are both beautiful but I love the first one. Thanks for sharing!
Ghadeer said…
Natural, unpretentious..
Haneen Ibrahim said…
Last two lines in 2nd poem are brilliant, i agree, but both poems are beautiful:)