Jul TCWT Blog Chain

Hello readers,

This month's prompt is: “Take any character from one of your books and put them in a therapy session. Write a (short!) scene about what happens. (You can include multiple characters and make it a group therapy session.)”

I'm taking my MC, Fayha, from WOULD YOU BELIEVE. 

Therapist: What has been going on?
Fayha: My long time friend is leaving her faith and another friend is bullying me.
T: How is this friend bullying you?
F: She tells me I shouldn't wear certain things or can't believe I believe such things or would do such things. 
T: How does that make you feel?
F: sad, mad, useless. 

I hope you enjoyed that and you are interested in reading the story. I might do this two those two friends of hers to help my story. Thank you, TCWT for the inspiring prompt. 

Btw, I've been interviewed on Saba's blog and Tina's blog about my writing journey and poetry campaign. Check it out!


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Simply Sarah said…
I enjoyed reading that exchange. Is this the WIP you were writing during JuNoWriMo?