Fasting with a Disability

Hello readers,

We know fasting long hours is hard. We know fasting in the heat is hard. Have you ever thought of fasting with a disability? 

God says those with long-term illnesses don't have to fast. Yet I want to try and push myself. I want the experience and good deeds. 

We are a little over being halfway done with Ramadan and here's my reflection:

Some days I can fast all day without getting hungry and some days I'm starving or aching in the last few hours. It depends on how much I drink and what I eat in the morning before I fast. I drink two large bottles of water. I have soup and dinner rolls, without those I'm hungry. 

Even on those starving hours, I push myself saying I have only this much time left or that I need to finish my to do list or I should try to nap and help my mom. Other times I do break my fast or don't fast one day (or more). 

There is also the extra prayers. I try to stand throughout most or all of it and sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't. I just end up sitting. Yet these extra prayers are not mandatory. If I'm nor feeling well I pray less or not at all. 

With these long hours I have a very bad sleep schedule. Yet I'm blessed to see my friends everyday (and not have to worry about school when this is over). 



I've had to fast a few times due to doctor stuff, and I swear as soon as I have to stop eating, I want to eat everything.
Good luck with your fasting. I hope you are successful.
saniya said…
Fasting is hard I agree. But there is also bliss in the that hunger, a satisfaction when the days over and of course I find them fun. :)
Fatemeh said…
I fast with a long term illness as well, sometimes it really is a bummer. Keep strong! Ramadhan Kareem :)