RAoK: Day One

Salaam everyone!!

It's good to be back, but I'm only breaking my hiatus for this week. I'm participating in a kindness blog fest! My first random act of kindness story is a receiving kindness story. My teacher and a friend of her's surprised me with an iPad.

That morning my mom said we're expecting guests in the evening with a surprise for you. While at school I didn't hear anything until last minute when my teacher said she's coming over with a surprise.

Finally, it's later that day and the doorbell rings and it's them with three wrapped boxes. They talk about their organization and I'm the first one.

I'm unwrapping the gifts and my smiles keep getting bigger. They tell me about the iPad and the apps. Then they continue telling why I got it. I get overwhelmed and of course, cry.

They are doing this to those with disabilities and those who deserve it. I am one of those people because I work hard and even when I don't feel it.

I felt so blessed and still feel so blessed. Here are two poems I wrote about stranger kindness.

Love, Fida Islaih
(all writing is mine & copyrighted unless stated otherwise).


Shelly said…
Congratulations! I'm sure you will accomplish wonderful things with it~
Sherry Ellis said…
What a wonderful surprise for you!
Anonymous said…
How neat!
Unknown said…
Congratulations on getting a really great gift.
Ali Cross said…
There ought to be a new proverb--"Good things come to those who TRY". :) I am trying to teach my boys this--that TRYING reaps rewards. Maybe it won't always be such a wonderful, generous physical gift, but TRYING = SUCCESS (eventually).

Imagine if you hadn't TRIED, Fida. Imagine if you didn't work hard, or you gave up when it was boring/hard/lonely/whatever. You do deserve the good things that come your way because you have earned them.

Yay for your awesome gift!
Fida Islaih said…
Thank you so much for what you said!! (-: