Monday Blessings, Part Two #13: Camp

Salaam and I'm laughing. It feels weird answering too much in a comment, so new post it is:

If you weren't here earlier
MYNA camp is
Muslim youth of North America
I went to the spring one
and it was for the first time
and I can't wait for summer
for so many things

And that Christian wedding?
The prayers and traditions
from what I've seen and heard
from my mom is similar
to those of Muslims

Like the priest touching
the bride and groom's head
as he prays
in muslim tradition
the groom does that to the bride

I loved how as the couple
came out of the church
we all blew bubbles for them
it's surprise moments
like these you love.

Btw, my fingers crossed for my entry along with others in the contest, Query Kombat.

Also, just as this is unexpected to you it's unexpected to me too I'm going on blogging hiatus. I don't know how short or long. But I know I'll be back at the most on June to tell of my adventures hinted and why the absence. Thank you!

Love, Fida Islaih
(all writing is mine & copyrighted unless stated otherwise).


saniya said…
Well would definitely miss you! :)
Cherie Reich said…
I hope you have a nice blogging hiatus! And it's neat how traditions can be so similar between cultures.
Simply Sarah said…
Aw. Hope its not to long. You will be missed.
Anonymous said…
Interesting post about the traditions. I love seeing similarities. Have a restful break.
Dana said…
Enjoy your break! Thanks so much for participating in the blitz today. It was a nice surprise. ☺
Crystal Collier said…
I wondered why I hadn't heart anything from you! Hope you have a wonderful time away, and be sure to eat some awesome cheese, eh?
Sherry Ellis said…
I hope you have a good blogging rest!
Crystal Collier said…
Oh, by the way, I nominated you for an award. =D