Book Review: The Secret of Spruce Knoll

Hello readers,

The first time I read it was for a contest on wattpad. Today I read for the first time since then. The prologue is new to me. I now know of Eren's parents' death, it was full of suspense; the same kind when I read Born Of Fire - the novella of Aiden's parents' death. I also did a mini-review recently.

The first few chapters were familiar. Passing those chapters the rest became new. Yet I still clung to every word.

I could relate to Eren being sensitive and nature loving. Like I said about Born of Fire, I think it's cool to feel and see not only your own but other people's energy. I like that she is an artist. I liked all the small things and big things. Family, jewelry, custody. Those are the only hints I'm giving. You need to read the book, too!

I didn't want the book to end, yet I know there are two more books in the series: Channeler's Choice and Rise of a Rector. Again, enjoy!

-Fida Islaih
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Heather said…
Thank you so much for the lovely review! :)
Fida Islaih said…
@Heather: You're welcome (-: