TCWT Blog Chain: A Book That Changed My Life

Hello readers,

This month's prompt is to write about a book. What is one particular book that changed your life? Why did you originally choose to read it? What impact has it had on you?

The book that changed my life, not many people know about, it is 'Mornings in Jenin' by Susan Abulhawa. The book talks about life in the village to living in a refugee camp. It goes through 4 generations. Most of the book follows one girl and her life of learning and moving out of camp to continue her learning.

I love this book and it changed my life. I got this when I was slowly started to think of the Palestinian cause. I remember the day I was on the computer looking at the Barnes & Noble website and looking for books on Palestine or something similar.

My parents surprised me with the book, apparently, I left the page open or they looked at the Internet history. I know they know I really love reading. Either the secretly knew my love for Palestine or just wanted me to start learning of my other home.

After that, I've been writing poems and lots of them about Palestine; I even dedicated a second blog of mine and some of my twitter to the Palestinian cause. Also, I'm getting involved in the campaigns on twitter and BDS.

I can't for the day I go to Palestine!


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-Fida Islaih
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Miriam Joy said…
Thanks for posting and starting off the chain! It's great to have something that I, certainly haven't heard of, rather than a rehash of books all of us enjoyed when growing up. And it's nice being surprised with books - it happens rarely to me, but just sometimes it does. It's always good. :)
Fida Islaih said…
It's my pleasure! I'm glad you like it (-:
CG @ Paper Fury said…
Sounds like a great book! (I'm going to go look it up!) It's always awesome to read a book that gets you excited for something you're already passionate about.

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