2 Book Reviews: Love & Memory

Hello readers,

Today I got to spend my morning at the bookstore and I bought this book: 'My Name is Memory' by Ann Brashares. I wish there was a sequel to this book I just finished. It's my first adult book I read. It was complex and draining, but I loved it. The young man lived man lives and remembers it. The young woman lived many lives, too, but doesn't remember it. Finally, they get to meet. Yet the young man had an evil brother in another life and had married her. He reaches her before him. And well, you should read it to figure out what happens and the journey to it.

Also today at the bookstore I'm in the middle of reading 'The House I Loved' by Tatiana de Rosnay. It's a book in a POV of an old lady with a heart of a young lover. She is a stubborn person not wanting to leave her home while the high authority destroys neighborhoods to remodel into the new era. She tells her story in a long letter to her deceased husband. Part of the ending was expected, but the other half was a surprise. Yet wholly, it was relieving and sad in a way. I love this story because I love historical fiction. I got to take a look at like in Paris. This author has two other books which I loved and just had to pick this one up, too! And I hope you do, too!

-Fida Islaih
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