1 Muharram 1433

Assalamu Alaikum sisters,

As I hope you know, today is the first day of the new year in the Islamic calendar. We're already starting our 2012!

Since Friday night and today I've been spending it writing poetry about nature and love. And working on my nano. (W)rite now, my total is 9,990 words.

My goals for this new year:

1) write 1k each day for novelizing. Make poetry big, maybe start getting paid.

2) Exercise body: Yoga 30 mins each day.

3) Exercise soul, too! Pray all 5 prayers, fast, keep tongue moist Allah's name... (just keep improving as Muslim)

4) Be more outgoing and strong emotionally and physically. Stand up for what you believe. If frustrated be able to talk what really is on your mind (resource teacher does care).

5) Last but not least, love. (it's hard to explain, but Allah knows what's in my heart and if He wills, will make it come true sooner than I think).

Have a great new year and may Allah bless us all! Ameen! (:

-written by Fida Islaih
(all writing is mine and is copyrighted)


Hawwa said…
Salaam alaikum :) might i just say masha Allah to all your write-ups!! More grease to your elbows sister. Very creative and inspiring!! :D
M Pax said…
Best to you on meeting all your goals. Happy new year to you. :)
Fida Islaih said…
@Hawwa: Welcome to my blog! And thank you! :D

@M Pax: Thanks! (: