Bits and Pieces: Change

Hello readers,


Why does change have to be so hard?
Why can't things stay the way they are?

I love the way everything went
the way i was able to smile
and not be pushed or rushed.

This poem is still in mid-writing and I still feel like changing it. Ha! Change is the topic... well maybe I'll let you continue it and write your own version.



Change makes you a more beautiful person in my opinion.
Have a positive mindset for change and embrace it. It's inevitable so we might as well make the most of it and enjoy it as much as possible?
It is change, but it makes us so much stronger. It makes us grow as people and Muslims and Human Beings. It does so much for us. Of course when things around us change and we think everything's just going way too quickly it can be like, 'muuuh', but it's gonna happen and that's a test for us to keep up. Something can always stay the same though. You can always smile, your smile will always remain if you allow it to inshaAllah (:. <3 I love the poem it's so deep - and you know how changing a poem can make a poem better, it's the same with life. Let's say that the words in the poems are like us. And as you change the poem, everything around the words is changing. Another comma here, an added line there and even another capital letter?! :O, hehe might sound strange, but try to think of the words personified. They may feel like their whole poem, their life is changing and they don't want it to. They much preferred the first draft. But as you, the writer changes the poem bit-by-bit, little-by-little, it can do wonders to the poem - right?
The words don't see how beautiful a poem becomes with change. So basically, in the poem of life, Change makes you a more beautiful word, or person ;). Keep Smiling, a smile stays the same, as does the sparkle in your smile (: <3
Fida Islaih said…
whoa! A long comment! Just like your blog posts, everything I read from you is beneficial, masha'allah!

I love it. Just reading it I felt like I relearned and reassured myself... thank you!

Your time was worth it, so smile!
Fida xx