Web Find: Jannah Poetry

Hello readers,

I found this poem on The Ideal Muslimah page. It's beautiful, Masha'Allah! I know you'll agree, so go watch it!

In this blog world, I found so many sisters and recently I found Riham at Beauty of Islam. You'll be touched and inspired!

Till I come back... enjoy!!



Zara A said…
I am truly speechless after hearing that most beautiful poem, Masha'Allah!
It reflected so many things in which you could relate to! =))
I shall definately take a look at those links, xx
Rahma Fateen said…
I love it!
it's just more than awesome! she is talented mashallah!
I love it a million ♥
Chloe said…
oh this gave me chills! love it
Fida Islaih said…
=) smiles to all of you!