Faith Friday: Story poem

3/11/11 Update: poem published on Dear Little Auntie.


Hello readers,

I can definitely say this week is better than the rest of January, Alhamdulillah! I'm taking a creative writing class and our first project was to write a memoir. While writing I was inspired to write a corresponding poem:

Cover Girl

That girl...
inspired by so many women,
women that cover.

Seeing them, wanting to be...
like them, with them.

That girl
taking the step
to become that covered girl.

Tough times came
being stared at and questions asked,
even being poked at.

But being in a sisterhood
they helped pull through
knowing God is who to please.

Through time
she became stronger,
more confident;

she became free.

(inspired on Jan 27th, but written on Jan 28, 2011).

thank you,


Little Auntie said…
That is beautiful :) ma'shaAllah <3
Rahma Fateen said…
So beautiful. I like this one :D
Fida Islaih said…
@All: Thanks everyone!!