Book Release - Katie Wismer

Hello Poetteers,

I recently read The Sweetest Kind of Poison by Katie Wismer and enjoyed it. She released a new poetry book today!


If you are underwhelmed by me,
please just let me go...

Poems for the End of the World is a coming of age collection and exploration of the confusing and disillusioning trek through young adulthood in a broken world. Divided into four chapters—waking up, growing pains, crushing realities, and disappointing beginnings—this collection covers everything from self-discovery and heartbreak to chronic illness and fresh starts.

Author Bio:

Katie Wismer is a die-hard pig lover, semi-obsessive gym rat, and longtime sucker for a well-written book. She studied creative writing and sociology at Roanoke College and now works as a freelance editor in Colorado with her cats Max and Dean. Her first poetry collection The Sweetest Kind of Poison and her debut novel The Anti-Virginity Pact are available anywhere books are sold. When she's not writing, reading, or wrangling the cats, you can find her on her YouTube channel. You can also find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads or at

Stay inspired,