Behind the Poem: Hold Space

Hello Poetteers,

Original Poem

Always when I talk with you,
I'm afraid to say everything
because I think you might not
understand it all
because of the somewhat
different beliefs we have.
Yet you ask questions to help me.
And I'm glad you do.
We are, together breaking down
another wall of isolation.

Response Poem

I hold back
afraid to say anything
worried you might not understand
because of the different beliefs we have; 
you say something
that contradicts my beliefs
and I shrink back
wishing someone else was in place
where I didn’t have to explain the cultural expectations
before expressing how I feel
You are willing to ask questions and learn
it feels tiring
like there’s no space for me.

Behind the Poem

I enjoy sharing my beliefs and values. Sometimes I get tired of having to explain my religious beliefs and cultural values, especially before pouring out my emotions. I wish people were more aware and understanding of different cultures and religions. That right there is why I write poetry: to express my emotions and experiences while spreading cultural awareness. Why do you write?

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stay inspired,