Her Durian is Published!

Hello Poetteers,

Her Durian is now published! I dedicate the book to my aunts and uncles in Malaysia for teasing me that each experience I had was a poem idea. There is one uncle that deserves special recognition for inspiring the title. He jokingly told me I should title my next book “why I don’t like durian”. I did it in a way that fits my poetry aesthetic. (instagram).


Her Durian is about Islaih's travels to Malaysia and her memories with family. These poems will make your mouth water with the different foods and dessert. It covers the topic of growing up in a multicultural home and experiences as a Muslim American. (goodreads).


The landscape gets smaller 
a whole new view of a sunset 
tiny lights twinkle
the coming brings excitement 
the leaving brings sadness 
a part of me is everywhere.

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Stay inspired,