Poem: Nourished

Hello Poetteers,


My soul most nourished
when I'm awake with 
myself at the bookstore
hanging out with my mom
hearing from my friends
better when I see them

My soul most nourished
when I pray and meditate with yoga
when I finally find a moment
to write in my journal

When I learn about my faith
learn to love.

Behind the Poem
I wrote this poem back in Dec 2013 for a something called Reverb13. The poem is now published in my book, Blossoming Heart.

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When do you feel most nourished?

Stay inspired,


Kat McNally said…
I love this! It speaks to me of the importance of connection, with kindreds and with spirit. x
Ruth Schowalter said…
Lovely poem about nourishing your soul. I love journaling and the way the process of writing deepens my experience of being alive.
Unknown said…
Love your poetry!