Embracing Vulnerability

Hello Poetteers,

It's Fida. One thing I want to do with this platform is cultivate a community of encouraging women poets who share the struggles and joys of writing vulnerability in their poetry. Amy and I collaborated on this post to talk about vulnerability.

1. What does vulnerability mean to you?

: Vulnerability means sharing the depths of your heart. It is showing really personal thoughts, emotions and experiences.

Amy: Vulnerability is the willingness to reveal the more fragile emotions within oneself, but within the right context. In other words, it's wise to be selective in using discernment in how much you choose to reveal your vulnerability, and to whom. It's important to protect some space around your vulnerability, while at the same time be willing to share it with a certain audience.

2. How do you embrace vulnerability in life?

Fida: I embrace vulnerability by showing my emotions and weaknesses and not being afraid of it. It's also being honest with your thoughts and not afraid of mistakes and failures.

Amy: By giving myself permission to feel, even though it's not always comfortable.

3. What makes a poem vulnerable?

Fida: Personal stories and emotions are what makes a poem a vulnerable piece.

Amy: Honesty; letting raw emotions come through without filtering them through cliché.

4. Do you feel you are vulnerable in your writing?

Fida: I wasn't always vulnerable in my poetry. I was vague about my stories and subtle about putting emotions into it. Recently I've embraced being vulnerable in my poetry by sharing my experiences and emotions. I share the deeper and darker stories.

Amy: Yuppers.

5. Are there topics you are hesitant to write about?

Fida: One topic I'm hesitant to write about is body image and womanhood. I grew up keeping that part hidden. I'm starting to peel back the layers, accept myself and write about it even though it's uncomfortable. The uncomfortable feeling is where I start to grow.

Amy: Yes. Politics and religion.

6. What doubts stop you from being vulnerable in life and writing poems?

Fida: I feel that people know me a certain way and it should be kept that way. I worry that I'm controversial and overstepping boundaries. I also feel it may not be my space to write about a specific topic because I may not know enough. Lastly, I worry I might hurt someone.

Amy: In life, it's about whether or not the person is trustworthy. With poetry, it's the doubt that says, "No one is going to be interested in what you have to say."

Write a poem about the topic you’re vulnerable about.

I’m learning to accept me
my body is slim
and is being poked at
being told to eat more
to get more muscle and fat on me
I’m trying 

My body is weak
and it aches 
I’m drained by the pain 
it’s hard to hold my body
it feels like my body can’t carry me

my shoulders are big,
I try to hide my shoulders
they remind me to stand tall
my eyebrows are messy and thick
but beautiful 
my smile is crooked
the overbite gets in the way
my friends are happy to see me smile
it’s the best part of me

I’m learning to accept me
I love my body as it is.

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