Blog Relaunch

Hello Poetteers,
Today is the relaunch of my blog! After 5 to 6 months of not blogging, I’m starting to miss it. What started as a personal blog slowly turned into a blog for helping poets. The website is now named ‘The Poetteer’.

I created this space because I needed a place to thrive. I needed a space where I felt like I belonged. Poetteer is a name I created for our community. It is an encouraging group of writers and readers who are learning to be vulnerable in sharing their stories so that they and others don’t feel alone. I want to help readers learn about faith, other cultures, and vulnerability. Help spread awareness of mental health and chronic pain. Again, an encouraging space for Muslim, POC, and poetic voices. 
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Here's what I've been up to since February:
Leave a comment: what do you think of the relaunch? And what would you like to see in future posts?