Poetry Submission Fees

Hello Poetteers,

Recently, there has been a big conversation about submission fees. I don't like paying for submission fees. I don't get why you have to pay people to read your work. You are paying for a submission you aren't even sure will be published. The price deters me away. It can be hard to afford but the experience might be nice.

I’ll pay submission fees if I fully stand behind the press itself. Whether there is a fee or not you have to research if the journal or publisher is legit. But I do understand that they have fees because that along with book sales it is what keeps the journal or publisher running. I have my own way to go about that and I want to share it with you.

  • Read their submission guidelines.
  • Check out which authors they have published.
  • Read a previously published poetry book or journal issue to get a feel for their style.

I appreciate that there are journals and publishers that will take your submissions for free. But the fees could either help or hurt them. They need to figure a way to keep running but be affordable to poets and its readers. The fee limits the poet's reach to readers. Here is a great article I found about submission fees.

Get the whole checklist for future reference. 

Stay inspired,