My First Spoken Word

Hello Poetteers,

Since we are celebrating A to Z Poetry and my 4th author anniversary I thought I would share with you my first poems. The very first poem I wrote was when I was 5 about a doctor and a cat. While learning about poetry my first poem was about where I'm from. But that was a school assignment. I believe that piece set the tone and foundation for my writing career. That summer I wrote my first unprompted poem about my thoughts on Malaysia. The poems 'Writing Journal' and 'Sisters' were part of the first batch of poems written.

Eventually, I tried spoken word. It was more of a poetry reading. My first one was part of a class assignment. I was nervous and quiet but being able to sit down helped calm me. What also calmed me was looking at a familiar face. After reading the first couple of lines I forgot the nerves and that an audience was watching me. I was feeling the poem. Afterwards, I asked a friend how I did. I was loud and clear. I didn't think anything else of it.

Two years later I went to a youth faith camp. I had just published my first book a few months ago. I decided to go for it and share a poem from it. My friends were encouraging me to share. My nerves were through the roof. I was practicing through the whole day. Before the actual performance, I did a practice one in front a few friends. I was getting excited.

I hinted about it in my blog post about needing spoken word.

I couldn't sit still in my seat. My friends were amazing and understanding. They let me be one of the first acts of the night. Everyone was sitting in a half circle and the room was dimmed. The mic helped me be loud and clear. But my performance was short. I cared but also didn't. 

I loved the sound of fingers snapping as I performed my poem. After doing my first spoken word I felt excited by the warm feeling it gave me. I wanted to do it again and have that feeling again. It was empowering and gave me the confidence I needed. With this experience, I'm growing as a poet. It was once a bucket list item. Do you remember your first time and how did it make you feel?

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