Inspiration Behind Hugs & Kisses

Hello Poetteers,

Three years ago I published Hugs & Kisses. To celebrate I want to share the inspiration behind the book. I get my inspiration from any and everywhere. My poems Strip Me and Let it Go are inspired by songs of the same titles. When everyone read my poem Let It Go they all thought of the song and teased me. I had shared the poem as a spoken word piece. I couldn’t get the song out of my head and it made the poem feel odd. You couldn’t think of the words let it go without thinking of the song. I feel the poem is different from the song.

If I wrote it with more distance from the song, the comparison wouldn’t feel so heavy. It’s not always like that. The song Strip Me is not as popular as the song Let it Go and is an older song, so the song isn’t compared to the poem. With writing these poems I’ve learned to have patience in sharing them and be careful with your words. Show the difference and make it personal with your own story. 

Has a song ever inspired you to write a poem?

Stay inspired,


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