How To Poetry Collaborate

Hello Poetteers,

I write my own poems. At the end of last year, I started collaborating with other poets. In poetry collaborations, it all depends on the person and the topic. Whether your writing style is similar or different, is there compatibility? It's good if they write similar to you. It makes things easier. But there should be enough difference to challenge your writing. It makes you step out of your comfort zone, to write something else.

With the poem collaborations I've done, I've seen you don't need full sentences. Most of the people I worked with wrote longer pieces and it challenged me to write long pieces. I usually keep my poems short. Other people keep their poems short, too, so I'm not alone. I got to see how a longer poem can make a story fuller and more personable.

The typical go to when collaborating on a poem is that I write one part of a poem and the other person will the other half. You don’t always have to write like that. Maybe write the beginning and end and they write the middle. Maybe they can write one line, you write one, they write the next line and keep going back and forth until you wrap up the poem.

Compatibility is important, but so is communication. Find out how you want to keep in touch: email, in person, text. Bounce ideas and come up with a topic and the direction you want to take it. It doesn't end once you finish writing the piece, there is also the editing process. You just wrote two separate parts and you need to see how it will flow together.

There you have it. Stay inspired,


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