Changing it Up in May Prompts

Hello Poetteers,

Last month I told you there would be a change in the prompts. I'm going from having daily prompts to weekly prompts. #dailypoetrygram will be retiring after a year of prompts. There is a hope that each month will have its own hashtag unique to the prompts.

The May prompts and poems have a new hashtag. You can repost my challenge graphic on your Instagram profile for reference. Share the poems on Instagram using #ThreadsOfPoetry and tag me @poetfida.

For in-depth questions to help with these word prompts you can purchase the poetry bundle. These questions are here to guide you in writing your poem. You don’t have to answer all the questions or use all your responses in the poem. Pick your favorite responses to be in the poem and rearrange them until you’re satisfied. These word prompts are up to your creativity and interpretation.


Afifah Addnan said…
This looks like fun. I'll try to join for sure!
Fida Islaih said…
I look forward to reading your writing! Thank you.