Hack Your Poetry

Hello Poetteers,

Writing and editing poetry can be simple. You can "hack" poetry. Download the PDF for future reference to use as a checklist.

Writing Poetry Hacks
  • Start with a title: I haven't tried it, so I don't know if it works.
  • Write a "found" poem: take words, phrases, & passages from other sources & reframing them as poetry.
  • Word association exercise: pick a word and write everything that comes to mind. Pick your favorites and rearrange into a poem.
  • Choose to write a shape poem. You will already have a subject & visually appealing.
  • Acrostic: Write about the word you choose and you already have a title. 
  • Book Spine Poetry: pick several book titles and arrange them into a poem.
  • "Transcribing poetry from admired masters can help, too, I've found. It's more visceral than reading." from @abetterjulie.
  • Situate yourself away from noise and distractions. 

Editing Poetry Hacks
  • Read aloud.
  • Try removing or moving around stanzas. Start reading without the first line. In the second read, read without the first stanza and go from there. Repeat until you've reached the end of the poem. Sometimes the first stanza stays or I remove it because my poem ends differently than how it started.
  • Replace or rearrange words.
  • Go through and try to get rid of any extra adverbs. They mean you need stronger verbs. 
Do you know of any poetry hacks I haven't mentioned? 

Stay inspired, 

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