Monday Blessings - Everything

Hello Poetteers,

Here are some blessings I took notice of throughout the past week.

Cat cuddles - I think cats can sense when you are upset.

Sleep - take in every hour and every chance. One day you can't and will wish you took that nap.

Mothers - they are your constant. They are there for everything, they to do everything until they can't but are still there to listen. Something no one else can be. You feel it all when you read/say the word mother.

Friends - support you and are generous with their help and love.

Crafting - just like writing, it's therapeutic.

Strength - you are stronger than you think. You don't know it until you expect the need for it.

Prayer - fully trust in God and everything will be okay.

NaNoWriMo - my story is going in unexpected ways but it's good and I'm loving it. I'm currently at 7k.

Love, Fida

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