Monday, August 10, 2015

Help Needed For Little Project

Hello Poetteers, 

My book, HUGS & KISSES, turns one in ten days. I want to do something special. I would love to see pictures of you reading/with the book. Send in your pictures on Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram through #fidapoetry. 

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I will look for it in my Kindle and take a pic.

Fifi Islaih said...

Aww, thank you so much!

Crystal Collier said...

It's on my kindle too. Or was. It must be in the cloud now. I want to commit, but I've been pretty worthless lately. (Sleep deprivation. Ah, babies.) And talk about dark circles under the eyes... I'm lucky to remember what it is I need to do in an hour, but I'll try. Maybe I'll even remember and get it done. *fingers crossed*

Fifi Islaih said...

It's alright if you can't. Take care of yourself (: