JuNoWriMo Blog Hop

Hello Poetteers,

In a month it will be JuNoWriMo!

"For those of you who are unfamiliar with JuNoWriMo, it’s a month long writing adventure in the style of NaNoWriMo, complete with word sprints and plenty of other writers to cheer you on. The goal is to write 50,000 in one month (1,667 words a day). You can write whatever you want. Fiction, non-fiction, the final 50k to something you started five years ago. Anything. We’d love to have you write with us!"

I will be working on the same story I started to write during camp nano back in April. The story I'm working on is about a Muslim girl balancing her faith in her love for soccer and fashion design.

Yet that might change into a new story with similar themes. We'll see where the months and planning takes me.

Love, Fida
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Welcome to JuNoWriMo! I wish you tons of success finishing your CampNaNo story.

Happy writing! :)

Unknown said…
I think that sounds like an amazing story premise! Best of luck in JuNoWriMo! :)
Fida Islaih said…
That's great, thank you!
Haneen Ibrahim said…
If you publish that book I will buy it immediately because you're talking about a much more fictional side of me, I'm the Muslim girl who loves soccer and fashion design!!! :P okaaaay enough craziness, I wish you all the luck in finishing your book, it sounds amazing :)
Fida Islaih said…
This makes me more excited to write it! Thank you!
Welcome again to JuNoWriMo, Fifi. Hopefully I'll see you during sprints again this year.

Your book sounds like a good story for young girls, no matter what their faith. It's hard to be a teenager in the world... any teenager.