What's Up Wed: Her Olives Anniversary

Hello Poetteers,

I finally got my hands on and read the first volume of Ms. Marvel, No Normal. I don't really read comics but it was cool to read of a muslim character. It wasn't just a side characteristic. It was a big part of what she did, what she is doing, and what she wants to do, etc. I can't wait to read the other comics about her.

My WIP is taking it slow. I'm still on 17k and my goal is still 20k by the end of this week.

Other than that, a year ago today I self published my second poetry collection, HER OLIVES!

Thanks to Tessa for the picture submission!

Love, Fida


Miss Cole said…
Good luck with your 20k goal and huge congrats on the 1 year anniversary :)
Crystal Collier said…
Happy book anniversary!

I've never really gotten into comics, but with the popularity of graphic novels, I've had to skim a few--just to make sure they were appropriate for little eyes.
Happy Bookiversary!

Ah, I keep meaning to read Ms. Marvel - I'm glad to hear it's worth checking out. :)
Fida Islaih said…
Yeah I've heard of some inappropriate ones out there. Good luck. And thank you (:
ELAdams said…
Good luck with the writing goal! I've been hoping to check out more comics, too.
smile4niki said…
Good luck on your writing goal this week!