TBT: Review of Shoofly Pie

Hello Poetteers,

I was looking through all my old stuff and purging it all. Before I do I want to share a review I wrote for school I n 10th grade. It sounds like a younger me with chopper sentences and I don't get some of it. But enjoy!

Recently I've read 'Shoofly Pie' by Naomi Shibab Nye. This story has lots of diversity in foods. In this story I choose Mattie. I chose her because when I read the story I saw similarities with her.

Mattie is a quiet girl. In this story she copes with the death of her mother. She is an American of Arab decent. To keep herself busy she decides to work at a restaurant. With her she brings some new ideas. One is to bring recipes from home like falafel sandwiches and lentil soup. Mattie is quiet but can be friendly once you know her and so am I.

There are some similarities and differences between me and Mattie. I am from Arab decent but I also am from Asian decent. I've tried lentil soup and falafel which also makes us alike. One thing different is that I cope with sorrow by writing. Another thing is I've never cooked anything but I'm learning and soon to be able to help.

I chose Mattie from 'Shoofly Pie' because of the similarities and differences we have. I also liked this story because it's full of diversity. I also like who I am just like the story.

I read this short story in my textbook, so I don't know where else you can find it. I hope you do!

Love and thank you, Fida