Reverb Catch-Up Days 15-16

Hello readers,

Day 15

Going through the year
paying attention to the little things
children talking and reading
loving their friends and teachers
campers enjoying learning
and playing in good weather
watching how the disabled work

Going through the year
noticing how certain news affect us
yet with hearing the crying
we hear the laughter
the quiet and loud presences 

Going through the year
enjoying the smell of old and new books
enjoying the fruit and chocolate
and other treats
seeing how plain and great things can be
with lots of hugs and kisses. 

Day 16

This year was like me driving a car
postponing it for a long time
finally getting behind the wheel
and going slowly
finally making lots of turns
going in circles 
finally getting somewhere
even though no one listens.

Thank you, 


Kat McNally said…
It sounds like there were lots of beautiful moments throughout the year... and that progress was made, even if it wasn't at the pace you anticipated. x